Sathurday evening

I wasn´t going to write anything tonight but I just have to let you know that I am so happy for tomorrow. Today I have been at rest. Recharged my batteries. I have prepared for tomorrow, will have brunch before I leave home. SMHI weather forecast has promised sun during the whole day tomorrow. I don´t know anyone who is going to run, but I am not worried because I usually always find friends.

Last time I ran this race was five years ago. I remember that the ambiance was very good. People were happy but it was very cold. So I have carefully selected what I am wearing tomorrow.

I think about my time and how to get 55 minutes. It is always good to aim at something. Maybe I should increase speed at 6 kilometers. However, I really am looking forward tomorrow. I have been lucky. No injuries. No pain. So I am excited!


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