Sathurday evening

Hi there! Today I have been working out so I was tired in the afternoon. I got very inspired by participating in “Tjejmilen” so now I am training for “Hässelbyloppet”. It will be the 100th time so I suppose there will be a lot of celebration. I really hope that I won´t get injured. Now I am more careful so I went to Yoga after running. As usual, I stop when I see something I would like to catch. Amazing that you find country side in the middle of Stockholm as you can see on the photo below.

Tonight I will continue to work with my book. I had a nice late lunch/dinner at Texas Longhorn. My sweet auntie has thought me to go there. She and her  American family has introduced me to American kitchen. Tortillas tonight.

I am currently writing about a part in my book that takes place in the north part of Sweden. I remember things you do in Lappland since I have spent a lot of time there when I was little. Like this special bread as you can see on the photo above. It is very famous and it also has a soft version. At this time point of the year, there are many people celebrating “Surströmmings premiär”. That is really a typical tradition from the north part of Sweden. I am not so keen on it because of  the smell. However, you have this bread, lots of onions, surströmming and something good to drink.

Ok, I really hope you have a beautiful weekend. At least I have and I share it with you.


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