The nice Provence weather has disappeared. Rather warm, more like a rain season period. Exercise again. Body combat. I like body combat. I have practiced Aikido previously, but this is different. A combination of various Asian combat sports. Maybe not so Lady like, but it is very good to know how to defend yourself. Aikido is a very interesting sport from a philosophical point of view. Energy transformation.

Last night I read about my theoretical pharmacology. I will continue to work on my thoughts. What I have written is a concentrate of life experience. Aikido has influenced my thoughts. Energy in the universe.

To relieve something personal; I have always been able to see how “things” are connected to each other. I have always read a lot. If you don’t have knowledge you cannot create anything new. If I would make some kind of summary, I feel very humble to life. I wish people learn more about biology.

Health is very important for me. That includes many aspects. I will elaborate more later, another day. Today I made my own bread. That is life quality. And since it is weekend I treated myself with some chocolate. Woman´s best friend.


Lots of love,




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