Spaziergang und schwimmen

I walked a lot, passing by a lot of historical monuments. Very much had been destroyed during the second world war but some had been saved and also rebuilt. Beautiful architecture. I stopped by Ritter Sport and got some energy. I like sports a lot and I have been missing swimming for a very long time. I found beautiful Stadtbad Neukölln. It was in the south part of Berlin. I love to dive. The feeling of freedom is indescribable. Uncatchable.

It was rather late when I was there so I had to find a taxi to get back to the hotel. Again, I felt very sorry not being able to speak German and it was very difficult to find someone who could help me. No taxis. Finally, I found a driver and he was very friendly. He promised to drive, but first he had to bring some pasta to his family because his sister in law was just about to have a little baby. It was so cute. They were very surprised I could not speak German but I was forgiven when I told them that I, at least, could speak French.

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