Sri Lanka and religion

My stay in Sri Lanka was very intense. I got a lot of new impressions. Sri Lanka is a very interesting country as an island with thousands of years of history. Many different cultures, religions and people on a very small area. Today living in peace. The nature is astonishing.

Religon plays a very important role in the day-to-day life of Sri Lankans. Although the island is predominantly Buddhist, other religions such as Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are also present. I learnt a lot about Buddha, and it is said that the Buddha visited the island about 500 years BC. In brief, my encounter with Buddhism was very friendly and I also learnt that Sri Lanka has been under religious suppression by European countries, but other, surrounding countries have helped Sri Lanka to prevail culture and traditions. In Asia, countries collaborate and help each other, and have done so during centuries.

I will continue to write, so this was just an introduction to Sri Lankas fascinating history and culture. Sharing a photo from one of my first Buddhism encounters, introduced by my friend Anu.

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