A week is rapidly over. Luckily, weather is still very nice. This morning I was not really in the mood of going for a walk, but when I saw this nice weather I couldn’t resist. You really have to profit. It is definitely going to be darker and colder soon. In a way, it was also to close the circle. Gothenburg early this week, and then, return to Stockholm. No salty water in Stockholm. I miss that.

Readers, you know that I follow the news. I feel very embarrassed about the Swedish government. I really do not know how to give the exact formula, but when ministers talk about historical events without no university degree at all, with no deeper understanding, whatever they say looses sentence. You have to read yourself (years), and then, you can make a statement. But, I understand. It is all about votes. And that is about peoples feelings. And if nobody is educated, nothing matters at the end. I don´t know why I get upset over this, but when it is about important ministers missions, I think I should worry. It is like a teenager having a minister post. It is at that level. Because everybody can understand that.

I try to share my life by having pictures on this website. It is nice, because I know my family reads. They can follow what I do. Maybe not my mother since she has Alzheimer´s disease. Unfortunately.

I am so happy that I live in Sweden. The land of freedom. The country where women are supported to 100%.

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