A sunny day in Stockholm

Hi friends!

Today has been a really nice day compared to yesterday. Blue sky and no rain. I just say lovely.

I listened to the news this morning and today there has been a big demonstration against nazism/racism in Sweden. That is very good news. There was also a discussion about why these negative forces grow, and, most likely, it is due to unemployment. I agree. If you have something to do, then there is no time to think about racism.

I bought some christmas gifts for my brother and parents. And to get into a “christmas mood” I listened to a concert with Loa Falkman and Miah Persson. There is no christmas without “O helga natt”. My father sometimes sing solo in the church so he has introduced my brother and me to christmas music. This christmas, however, the local church is closed. I know many songs by heart, so, a lot of memories comes back.

Finally, before ending this day, I made the classical Swedish dish “Janssons frestelse”.  Indeed a temptation and since I have lived in Norway I use some “Kongerøkelse” this evening . I will never forget Norway.

Sweet dreams,


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