Tea – a social beverage

It is soon the end of December and darkness is turning to more brighter days. At least, the calendar tells me that. The 21th of December. I have made a big change in my life. I have started to have tea instead of coffee. I like coffee a lot, but for me, tea is a little bit healthier.

“Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage”

I have traveled some in my life, and one of the best memories are tea plantations in Malaysia. They are so beautiful. And it is amazing that a country can have such climate zones very close. Very warm and humid climate, and then, up in the mountains, much cooler temperature where the tea grows.

Tea is a little like wine. The quality of the leaves depends on e.g. the earth and how high up in the mountains they grow. What kind of leaves are harvested. How the leaves are dried et cetera. Black or green tea. Tea has been a beverage during many centuries, and even more; in China 5000 years ago, used as medicine and also in business. If you had problems with your stomach you had one kind of tea. Headache, another type of tea.

After starting to have tea instead of coffee, my blood pressure has lowered. In the beginning I had huge abstinens accompanied with headache. However, I miss coffee. Soon I will see tea plantations again. And I will also learn something new. How rice is grown in Sapa, in northern Vietnam.

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