Thursday evening

Dark. Not that cold. Middle of November. Single. And I will stay single till I find love. I   don´t understand why people cannot understand why I want to find love. True love that I never have had. I have met so many, more or less, sadistic people who are, per definition, mean. Human nature is difficult to understand. I will continue to fight for freedom. Like in Burma.

I don´t have any true friends anymore. A friend is someone you trust. Somebody you can rely on. This is what is important in life, and I have chosen to be careful; because friends can be mean. I know. Catfights. That is why I prefer dogs.

Yesterday was important. To the best of my knowledge, the 1 world war ended. A peace treat was signed 11th of November at 11 o´clock. History is interesting. When I studied at high school I remember that I believed in everything that was written. Later, after more studies, I have learnt that you must always read things with open eyes. What is true and what is false depends on how you interpret. It also depends on your own mood and other circumstances. Very interesting.

Tonight I spend time washing. Went to training early this morning. Always difficult at that time of the day but it makes your mind clear. Feels terrible that people want to stop me from writing.


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