Time goes by and falls back on Sunday

Hi! Feel like starting to write again. It has been like an exam. Writing. So I have just needed to do different things than writing for a while, but now my urge is there again. I am writing dependent. Hope you are fine. Seasons are also changing. Autumn is approaching winter. This weekend time will fall back an hour.

Sweden is in chock today because of a terrible crime that was committed at a school. Today is different from when I went to school. Time has changed. There is much more violence. I should have some statistics to support my feeling, but I don´t. It is just a general reflection. You just have to be more careful. I don´t like that. That is a threat to freedom.

I don´t want to think about how many hours I have spent on my book. Instead of traveling. However, I think I am at that time point of my life right where it suited to have a break from traveling. Spend time with my parents, especially since my mother has Alzheimer´s disease. I wish I could have a dog where I live but it is not possible right now. So I meet my sweeties once in a while. We have always had dogs in our family so I cannot live without dogs.

We have always had hunting dogs, and I can tell you that I have spent hours searching for dogs in the woods. Since we have had many dogs I know that they vary a lot with regard to their hunting instinct. Some dogs never stop hunting whereas some dogs hunt for a fifteen minutes of so and then they stop. They want to go home so they are very different. When I grew up I went cross country skiing a lot and I always had a dog with me. We went fast. I liked that feeling.

Right now there is not so much to have photos of. Unfortunately. So, not photos tonight.


Lots of love,





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