Time moves on, and me too

Soon time to adjust for winter time. Stockholm is chilly. Crispy. The in-between time before christmas decoration is set on place. I miss the Norwegian “Kongerøkelse”. Liked it. We sold it at the pharmacy at Kråkerøy. There are always so nice christmas gifts. A lot of beauty and health products.

Yesterday, I had a day off. I went to see some of my previous colleagues at different pharmacies where I have worked. Since a few years there are pharmacy chains in Sweden. The availability of medicines has increased. Such as in Skarpnäck where I used to work. There was no pharmacy there before, but now there is. Good.

Even thought we work for different companies we have to remember that we are still colleagues. So we help each other to find medicins for customers if a pharmacy is out of a medicin. Even though the competition is tuff, we need to cooperate.


Bonne soirée!




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