Time for reflection

Exercise for the brain. An additional hour today. More time! Silence in Stockholm this morning. Beautiful day, makes me think more of summer than of winter. The first of December is approaching rapidly. Ten year ago since I defended my thesis. I have been in contact my supervisor Professor Jörgen Engel and my opponent Professor Agneta Nordberg. They are both active in research although in different research areas. Life may turn out with serendipity. Such as my life. The best I learnt at AstraZeneca was to always stick to the truth. A man from Finland thought me that.

It is very important to have some time for reflection. I thought about my life last night and it has not really turned out the way I thought. But it is very important to remind yourself that that is life. Unexpected. Thrill (?). You learn.

A few days ago, I headed for christmas, now I need to go further. I have lived alone for several years now. Not even a date. I am waiting for a nice man. Otherwise, I need to live alone for the rest of my life. My destiny.

Of course I think about research; the thought has crossed my mind several times.

However, I will continue with theoretical research.


Have a nice Sunday! A peaceful Sunday. Nice to travel with memories.


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