It has been, I must admit, a strange day. My thoughts have been in Paris. I know Paris very well. I have walked there alone and also with people I know. It is such a beautiful town. With so much history and culture. People from all over the world. New buildings meeting old architecture. I remember that every French President wants to have a monument or something built. I think it was François Mitterrand who made the pyramid at Louvren. That is beautiful. New, meeting old ideas.

A long time ago I wrote that Sweden has been a country in peace for over 200 years. Swedish people don´t know how it is to loose people in war. I remember when I was in France that it was very important to honor soldiers that have lost their lives during war. Today I missed somewhere to put a flower. Maybe I should find the French embassy. I give a platonic flower. When really bad things happen, at least I feel I would like to do something.

I will try to write a poem in French. Not tonight but soon I hope.

Je vous embrasse,

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