To keep up the good work…

…is definetly a challenge this time of the year. I think it depends a lot on no light. It is well known that there are endogenous hormones regulating the circadian rhythm and they are associated with daylight. No doubt that they are affected.

So to attend exercise class demands some kind of discipline. To put the extra clothes on since it is so cold. To find a hat and gloves. Carefully walk on ice. Think of not falling. And at the same time, as I do a lot, go window shopping. The great reward is to attend the class, have fun and listen to good music. Some music makes me smile a lot. Happy music. Music stimulates the brain reward system as well as the actual exercise do. In conclusion, it makes the body feel good.

Right now I don´t have much more to write. I wish you all health and a prosperous January.





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