To remember and to face tomorrow

Life would´t be much without sports. For sure, I need activity in my life. During easter I have  stayed outdoors in fresh air, taking care of my sweeties. The weather is not stable so it has been rather cold with snow and wind. Therefore, these days it is good to remember vacations. So, I thought of Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka. The Lion Rock. Maybe, also because the “stone lions” saved many lives, where the terror attack was in Stockholm.

After my stay with Anu and her husband, I continued to the Lion Rock. I had heard about it when I was in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Often when I travel I meet other travelers and I was recommended to go there by an American couple. And I do not regret going there. It was fascinating. A historical garden with an exciting story where animals were symbols for protection of the mountain.

I had a private guide and that was good because I was told a lot of stories. The Sigiriya garden are among the oldest surviving historic gardens in Asia. I was really impressed. At that time there was no electricity so they used marble to build floors. These floors reflected moon light and that gave light during night time. Water was also used in a clever way.

I was there rather early, and that was good because there were many tourists who wanted to see the mountain and the view. It was a beautiful mixture of organized garden in nature. I saw fascinating work during my walk to the top of the mountain. The Lion Platform, beautiful frescoes, and poetry on the Mirror wall. The stairways were narrow and I don´t know how the dog I saw at a rather high altitude, had managed to reach so far.

I must admit that I was really impressed, and also emotionally touched, with regard to nature and creativity.

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