Aujourd´hui, film français. Dull weather in Stockholm today, so I just stay at home watching a film. I like most kind of movies, but I felt like watching a so called “costume film”. Also to refresh my French language. The most beautiful language in the world. And difficult. I like Truffaut a lot. I especially remember Truffaut from French film school. Le cinema français. Les quatre cent coups. The film I saw today was “The story of Adèle H”. L’amour soit compliqué. La vie soit belle. Jeux de mots.

When I lived in Norway I bought and saw a lot of movies. So I think of Fredrikstad and Kråkerøy today. Always a day off Sundays. A day for recovery to prepare for coming week.

Yesterday I went for early training. That is good. I am working on increasing my muscles so I need to put on some more weights. So right now I look rather funny because they are too heavy for me, but I need that to challenge my muscles. To become stronger.





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