Tuesday evening

I don´t know what is going on, but my auntie (extra mum) has thought me how to watch out for dangerous people. People who want to do harm and noting else. She has worked for the UN and she has thought me some about how to be careful. With regard to circumstances (what has happened in France and migration) you have to watch out.

Sometimes I can feel sorry that I am not a man and gay. Life would have been easier. Being woman, and especially single, seem to be provocative in some way that I don´t understand.  I am single because life has not been kind to me. It has taken years to recover from what happened at AstraZeneca. First to recover, then realize that I might not be able to have children and then accept the fact that people don´t understand that I need time to recover from bad peoples behavior. Stolen identity is exactly what has happened to me. I cannot move because that will not change anything. I have to continue with my life. Nobody can ever force me to get married and have children. Life experience has learnt me that people are mean. I hope I will find true love one day. Love is one of the great mysteries in life. I am trying to explain love in my book.

I just don´t like that people mind about my private life. Mind your own business and get your own life.  Politically I am neutral. I just want people to be happy and I try to spread as much happiness as possible. I think I always have tried to spread happiness. However, sometimes I need to put my foot down.

I think I have contributed a lot with many ideas to improve the world. I have chosen not to be an active researcher, rather to have theoretical pharmacology ongoing. If you don´t have any ideas, no research. Moreover, I have chosen to be open with my ideas since I will not work practically with them. I will become an author instead; and that takes a lot of time! I would like to stress that this research program can only be judged if you have at least a PhD. Research is a world that cannot be explained with words. You have to be there to understand. So, I think that I am doing a good job, sharing my ideas. No patent claims. New drugs are needed in pharmacies.


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