Since I don´t have any statistics I don´t know if there is anyone reading this. Today I bought a new computer because I write so much. And I use the freedom of internet.

I have thought a lot about what I wrote last time. It is a summary of a pharmacological Cinderella fairytale. I love pharmacology. I have always been interested in pharmacology and I will see how I can continue to contribute.

I have had problems with the internet today. Hackers probably. Scary.

Since I have a new computer I have to upload old photos etc. I bumped into this photo. If you ever go to Sweden you can see this photo on a 100 SEK bill. It is a beautiful garden with many medical plants. Nice cafe as well.

Since I am single, I just cannot stay at home. You have to expose yourself to new situations and environments. I feel sorry for being single. But there has to be a man out there for me.

I think of all my sisters going through the same journey as I do. Dating. Bad guys. Not being serious.

I have to wait for a long time.

Meanwhile I have to enjoy myself in the very best way I can. It is very boring to be alone. Waste of time. But what do you do. No choices. So, sisters. I know what it is like. And don’t forget to wait for a nice man you love. And maybe, most importantly, a man who loves you.

Je t’embrasse,



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