Saturday evening. Home writing for you. Valentine´s day has not existed for so long time in Sweden but it is very cute. A nice gesture. No flowers or goodies for me today 🙁 so I had to buy my own goodies.

At this very moment I think of my family. And life.

I have previously told you that I am grown up in the countryside. My parents are getting old but are still going strong. My brother had a terrible accident a few years ago and now he feels much better. He has Aspergers syndrom and Autism. Difficult diseases to understand. I have read some and it is interesting to note that the view of Asperger has changed a lot during only a decade. Most probably due to research that has given us a better understanding for proper help.

Being sister means a lot of work.

My father is traditional. He is not so happy that I am not married. When I go and see my parents he often says that I should go skiing or walking to keep up in good shape. But that is good since I like sport. My mother still go skiing.

I suppose this is a very old conservative spirit in Sweden. At least in the countryside that you should get married and have children. And of course I would like to. When I was little I was told that it is good to have an education before having a family of my own. My mother is a nurse and she has also an education from “husmoder skolan”. I do not know if that exists today. That was a school for women training for having family. They learnt how to cook good food.

My life has not turned out the way I wished. I have been badly hurt. And therefore I am very careful. I have spent a lot of time helping my parents and my brother. My mother has Alzheimers disease and that is a huge challenge. However, she is in good spirit and health now. Most probably I will write my next book about Alzheimers disease.

I like writing a lot and I have learnt very much from writing. I get very close to the characters in the book. I get attached to them. Sounds funny but that is the way I feel.

A few years ago I met evil.

That made me talk to my parents about what I was going to do with my life. Should I stay in Sweden or should I go abroad again. Since my brother is not interested in living in the house we are grown up in we decided that I was going to take care of the house. That is how it works in Sweden. One of the children in a family continues to live in the house. It is also a way for my parents to secure their retirement. To have a happy life.

This might be difficult to understand for other cultures but this is Swedish culture. Or countryside culture. Or village culture. I don´t know. But that is the way it is. Every country has their own culture and traditions.

I will now continue a to write my book. It will be a happy ending 😉


Lots of love




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