Watergate (Richard Nixon)

Historical review is sometimes important. I feel worried about today´s school and the teaching of history. I feel worried about the future since today´s politicians don´t care about the future; they only care about staying in power.

As usual I follow the news and I try to summarize what´s happening. Today I think about what happened in the US in the 1970s. Watergate. That was a big scandal but what is important, to my opinion, is that order and law seemed to work. Here, I would like refer to my own country were I live. Sweden. Politicians are sometimes interrogated. This is shown in tv, but they are never held responsible. They are allowed to waste taxpayers money. A few years ago Swedish government spent a lot, a lot of money where they, more or less, ruined Vattenfall (a Swedish electricity company). Billions of Swedish crowns disappeared. I followed the news and what was shown was “lekstuga”. I could translate that to a playground for politicians. If politicians never are hold responsible, that means that they are allowed to waste money and more or less just play. They need to show responsibility. They need to know that they, as well as all other people, could be judged by law.

I am  also worried about Swedish economy. Sweden has a deficit of money. That means that we have to borrow money to have the economy going. Is that sound? Previous prime minister of Sweden Göran Persson once said “Den som är satt i skuld är icke fri”. Today Sweden is held by a minority government by the social democrats. Their politics with regard to economy is not congruent.

What Sweden needs is to have like the USA, two parties to choose between with clear messages. Right now Swedish politics is too messy. I feel ashamed of Sweden.




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