Weather is on my side

I am lucky! Such beautiful weather even though it is October. These weeks are very, in a way, beautiful. I might be, and I feel, boring, but somehow I have to do this. It is very nice to feel time. Not having the pressure of a deadline for an exam. But I have set dates for finishing.

This reminds me a lot of studying in Uppsala. I don´t know why, but when it was on the edge for an exam, I locked myself in and just studied. I went to different libraries. Sometimes I studied together with friends. Had coffee and chats. The library below is one of Sweden´s most beautiful libraries. And it keeps a lot of old treasures with a lot of stories to be told. Old history. Exciting history.

Behind the library is Engelska parken, close to departments of chemistry and physics. My very first contact with the University in Uppsala was at “Siegbahn salen”, close to Engelska parken. When I was in school in Sala all students were invited to go to the University for sightseeing. I learnt where the name “civil ingenjör” derives from.

Uppsala slott is beautiful. I have been there on balls. There are a lot of traditions to follow on the 30th of April.

Yesterday, I needed to see something new so I went to a library I have heard of in Stockholm. I went to Anna Lindh´s library at KTH (Kungliga tekniska högskolan). I have been there for two days when I was seventeen years old. My father arranged so I could stay with a woman from north part of Sweden, Maria, who was studying for her PhD. I remember we did some experiment on heat, calories, and I also remember we had pizza for lunch with her colleagues ;-). I think my father wanted me to become an engineer.

Today, I watch a beautiful blue sky from my window and I write. Even though I write slowly. I have just discovered the beauty of writing in Swedish and Swedish words. I miss English. More words to choose between. Easier to be precise.

Je vous embrasse,


PS. Thinking of how to become better and get better speed for running…Any suggestions?


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