A weeks vacation. January. Christmas is over. I try to find inspiration for my book. So, meanwhile, I exercise. Bodycombat today 9/10. Good to know some self-defense. Every woman should practice and have knowledge about defense.

I am in Stockholm now. I must admit that it would be nice to go for holiday somewhere. But it is possible to make small excursions in Stockholm as well. There are restaurants, many museums and shopping malls. Would like to go to Kista. A lot of people talk about Kista shopping mall. And sometimes I go to Malmö to see my brother and his birds.

Right now I miss Tippa and Lady. A lot. So I had to have a look at this picture. When I see my parents I go for walks with the dogs. This photo is from one of the walks. Both of them are very eager. Especially when it comes to wild animals. Tippa likes deers and rabbits. Lady likes birds. They like hunting. But they are very kind.

Ok, all for now.



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