I have visited my parents this weekend. Still a lot of snow but not enough for skiing. It is very fresh to stay in the countryside. Healthy. I went for a slow run today. I focus, maybe a little too much, on my body. But, I when I have reach my goal, I hope I can stay in that shape, and not exercise that much as I do now.

Ok. Will reveal that I need to loose visceral fat. The kind of fat you can so to say “hide”. This fat is the most dangerous fat that you can have. Not good for health at all. But once you (in this case that is me) have started to loose weight it is not easy to stop. It is fun to measure. To see that you can change. I still do not know what to do with my sweetie weakness. I can never have a life without chocolate. That is for sure. That is my pleasure.

I focus quite a lot on myself right now. But I think I deserve that. Finally, my mother is stable. Even though she has Alzheimer´s disease, she can live at home with my father. I feel I can let go of them for a while. My brother has a good life after his big accident so I feel a relief .

I can take care of myself for a while. I have been badly mistreated and really met evil. I know, for sure, that evil exists.

Sometimes I feel that this is expected. To take care of my parents and brother. I mean, I am single. Don´t have a family of my own. Then people think that I can take care of my parents and brother since I don´t have a life of my own. But I think I have right to have my own life.

I went for a skin care course a few days ago about REN. Got inspired and bought this. I spoiled myself. Skincare is important to feel good.

Have a nice evening.




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