Rather early, calm morning in Stockholm. Preparing for exercise. Loosing some weight, but it takes time. However, I believe that it is better that it takes time because then it will be easier to stay at that point.

I have two days off. I like my job but it is also good to have time off. A positive effect with training is that you gain extra energy. You might have noticed that I like to spend time att home. But, to be honest, my life is a little tedious right now. Diet, work, writing. I miss cooking. Since I am on a diet I read recipes instead. Sometimes I cook, but it is a little boring to make food just for yourself. So, instead, I sympathize with people having no food.

Today, I will continue to write on my book. I feel more comfortable in writing now because my book is getting a shape. I have read about, what I would call, a mind flow. I hope today will be one of those days. I have started to search for a company where I can publish. It will be a beautiful love story with ups and downs. Just as in life. Also tragedy. Unfortunately. But there are somethings in life that are unavoidable. Like the destiny of biology. Don´t you agree?


Lots of love from Anna


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