What time is it?

Early. Very early. But a very beautiful morning. Blue sky with a few clouds. It is a very nice time of the year. Several months waiting with beauty. To see how nature is changing slowly into green and colors. Flowers. Do you remember the smell of fresh roses at the end of July? Several months til then. But time passes quickly.

What do I do now in my life? I still focus quite a lot on exercise. My greatest hobby. I have lost several pounds and that is a big change for people who see me. I have noticed that people are not used to see me in this size. To be honest, I am also surprised when I try my clothes.

Why are people afraid of change?

That is a question with many answers. A very interesting question if you speculate from a biological point of view. What is natures meaning of wanting no change? You know what you have, but you feel unsafe when there is something new. Comfort zones.

A lot of people are afraid of change. And, since I am raised in a biological school, I find answers in biology. I always try to find an explanation. However, maybe some questions should´t be answered? Just let them stay as they are. But, somehow, that is human nature. If you face something you don´t understand you need to find answers.

My personal challenge right now is to stay at this weight. I would also like to loose some visceral fat. Ok. I admit. It is good to have some energy saved. Like camels you know. If tuff times are ahead, it is good to have some energy.

Visceral fat is not so good because that is dangerous fat. Very unhealthy.

I have also spent quite a lot of time with family. That means that I haven´t written as much as I would like to. But, it takes time for my book to mature. Quality instead of quantity.

Personal leadership.

This is something I try to focus on every day. To lead myself. This is difficult. Right now I work quite a lot on changing habits. That is connected to what I wrote previously. You know what you have and that is good. And to change something you already are satisfied with is maybe against biology. I don´t know. But your brain is so used to a habit. It is like a high way. Easy to follow. But to change to a different road demands energy. And the body and mind like to save energy.

Ok. Maybe this is difficult to understand. Will try to write more on this difficult topic. Habit.

I close this writing session by showing you something very personal. Think I got this from my aunt. She has served the UN for many years. Or maybe I got it myself when I visited the UN. Personal leadership is good, but sometimes a guide in life is invaluable. I miss a guide in my life but I will choose my guide myself.

Lots of love from Anna

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