Winter arrival

Now  I have accepted that winter is here. Remember July when there was so much sun, but  now times are different. No news paper this morning, maybe due weather conditions. I am still learning how to use my camera and the photo below is from early this morning.

It is a beautiful day. I definitely wish that there would be more hours to spend during a day. Time is precious. Now I am watching Ladies slalom from Levi in Finland.  Thinking of how I will be able to exercise today. So much ice on the road, but I have my safe grips to turn my shoes to ice bugs. Since it is so cold it will be good with sauna after running/walking. Maybe skiing tomorrow.

I don´t know why but I have started with advent already. Maybe to endure this November, waiting for December. So, yesterday, I made a dough, filled with so many spices, so I can make ginger cookies tonight. My mother always used to make this dough every Advent. Usually, December is such a busy month, so it is good to be prepared. There will be so many sweet cookies! Afternoon tea with ginger cookies, is that possible?

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