Work-life balance

Today I have a day off. Finding balance in life is important. I have been very lazy this morning; having breakfast, watching tv and some reading. It is very important to rest and to let the body recover. This is actually something that I had to learn. I like to do so many things and if I don´t have any activities ongoing I sometimes feel some restlessness.

However, today´s society is very much built on production and to achieve. The human part is quite often forgotten. My main project today is to find a beautiful flower to put on my table. Will also go for work out tonight. That makes me feel good.

I have had some problems with hackers on my computer. I don´t like that. Apple computers should be the safest I´ve heard.

Beginning of November in Stockholm means preparing for shopping in December. I like December a lot. It gives me a lot of inspiration and positive energy. Wonder if there will be snow this year? Would be nice to go skiing.

Have a nice day!


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