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Monday, again. A weekend passes so rapidly. I spend a lot of time exercising just because I love sports. I will be active as long as I live. I often go for cycling (spinning) since it very effective. There are so many health effects of sports. Lowers blood pressure, lower risk for metabolic syndrome, and not least, it makes you feel good. But it takes time. A lot of time.

To have healthy food is also important and difficult because it takes time to cook. It is so easy to just go for a restaurant dinner. However, this weekend I have been good to myself. Salmon and meat at home. When I was at Anu´s house I had a good time. She and her husband spoiled me with such good food. I wish I also could find fresh mangos just outside my window. And wake up to sunshine, birds singing and humid and warm climate.

My days at Anuradhapura were very intense. We did a lot of things and I was introduced to Sri Lankan fresh kitchen, buddhism and the beautiful nature. I learnt how to offer lotus flowers, so when I went to Kandy, alone, I knew exactly what to do when I went to see the Temple of the tooth. Anu is a good teacher.

One evening we went to the sacred hill of Mihinthale where a son of the Indian king Asoka, converted King Devanampiya Tissa to Buddhism in the 3rd century BC. This Dagoba was located on a mountain so there was a stairway that lead us to the summit. We had to climb many stairs. It was a beautiful evening. Religious ceremonies were going on, and I was happy to be with Anu so she could show me what to do. There were munks and we met the Chief munk. He had been to Sweden and told me that there is a religious Buddhist Dagoba in Stockholm. I had this photo above where they have a conversation.

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