It was a splendid day, yesterday. Lots of sun shining. Cold, you could hear your steps when walking in the snow. That is so cosy. These days are rare. They always fill me with lots of new energy. There was so much ice on the roads, but I had my safe grips. Sometimes there was snow on the roads but that is good exercise.

When I am out running or walking I always search for animals. It is always fun to search for tracks. Found these hare tracks below on the photo. I think they have gotten used to cold winter weather so they are not hiding as they did last weekend. I never saw the hare, but I saw two beautiful deers jumping, to make their way forward in the snow in sunset. The beauty of nature.

Time passes so rapidly. I would like to have more time. In the evening I made those ginger cookies I prepared the day before yesterday. Actually, I though of Gothenburg because they have famous ginger cookies. You have to order them months in advance to have them at Advent. It is a kind of citrus spice, I think, that they use to give that original taste.

It was such a long time ago since I made these cookies. I had forgotten that it takes time to make them. I like all the spices. Spices you can only find in tropical countries. So, today, Sunday, I have afternoon tea with ginger cookies.

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