For inspiration to education

Christmas is over, and I am looking forward to spring. This was the first holiday without my mother. It has been so good that Molly is with us. I really don’t know why but I have remembered an inspiring person I met several years ago. Cecilia Wijnbladh. We met on an educating voyage to Brussels when we visited the European parliament. It is not very often I meet people who are so sharp. She said so many clever things. Unfortunately, she has passed away. I know she liked literature and Bellman, and that she educated at a rather high level within the military. I remember she told me she has written books, and after new year, I started to browse the internet. I found this book above on ethics. It looks like a thesis. This will be an interesting book because ethics is such a troublesome subject since there seldom is a distinct yes or no to a question. I hope that I will learn something new. In addition, I feel that my inspiration to write a new book is returning. To conclude this Saturday evening, it is very good for me to read. I need to put my book in some kind of perspective before I start to write again. I miss my main character Greten.

Australian bushfires

Currently, a lot of serious incidents occur in the world. A plane was shut down by Iran by mistake. Iran rapidly admitted this shooting after Canada´s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, clearly stated that it was not an accident. This is not the first time a civilian plane has been shut down, and it is deeply tragic.

This morning, my daily ”little life” was intruded. A bomb has exploded in a building rather close to where I live. That means that my ”little life” is not safe anymore. These kind of bombings have happened before. It is not the first time in Sweden. News explained that law must be stricter when judging this kind of crime. They get away too easily.

I have thought a lot, a lot about the Australian animals. There have been so many gruesome photos of volenteers saving in particular coalas from burning injuries. This is Australian news:

”The scientific evidence shows that as the world warms due to human induced climate change, we experience an increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events.”       Australian Academy of Science, President Professor John Shine

Furthermore, Australia concludes that they need to take stronger action as part of the worldwide commitment to limit global warming. I am sure that those countries who do not want to join this climate change combat, will in time also be affected.

I will now share some animal photos of the beauty of nature. Enclosed, and from other continents than Australia.

Liberian banana cake 🍌

I am very found of “the little life”. By that I mean, every day life, like starting the morning with a cup of tea. Reading the news, talk to some friends, make a cake, write here, make a dinner etc. There are many small things in life that are important and maybe you have your own little things.

Right now, a lot happens in the world, and the conflict USA-Iran is concerning everybody. This is not a local conflict. This is a global issue. I just saw the news on TV4 (Sweden), and I must say that I am impressed by the reporters knowledge on history, geography, politics etc . It is not only to have a lot of knowledge since it is difficult to put this information together, make an analysis, and then formulate questions to politicians responsible for international relations. I believe reporters have a very important role sharing news, because even though the USA and Iran are far from Sweden geographically, these tensions spreads rapidly. Social media like twitter is world wide instant communication. A lot of people from the Middle east region and the USA live in Sweden. They are in daily contact with their families and friends living in Iran and the USA. Their worries about families and friends affects everybody. So, my conclusion is that it is very important to understand that even though this conflict is geographically far from Nordic countries, it affects people.

Since this is my diary, I must write a little about the fires in Australia. I feel so sorry for all the animals who have been burnt in fire. People are talking about global warming effects. That is also worrying, and that spreads concerns all over the world. My thoughts to Australia.

Maybe this is the reason I like “the little” life. My main project today is to make a banana cake. I got a recipe from a couple who are from Liberia and live in Sweden. The banana cake is very popular in Liberia, so today, I am going to buy some bananas to make this cake.

My little life in a nutshell.