Untagged (unfocused) week

As usual, the clock was turned forward a week ago. We celebrated that spring and summer are coming. Summertime was celebrated with friends and waffles. It gave me hope for summer. But no. Jack Frost wanted otherwise. It has been cold, windy, and snowy. The wind has bitten my cheeks. There is something in Sweden called April weather, and that is when it snows and at the same time, spring flowers are popping up. I am longing to celebrate the First of May to see if the magnolias bloom in Lund as they always do at that time of the year.

The photo below is one of my best. These last few days I have had a little pain in my shoulder and arm. It is not due to too little stretching. Strange, I thought. The same arm lifting the hunting falcon below. I then thought about the mirror neuron phenomenon. Mirror neurons are nerve cells that react both when you perform an action and when you see someone else perform an action. In humans, just thinking about an action is enough for the neuron system (mirror neuron) to be activated. It happens intuitively, like a smile that is contagious. Just to make sure, I share an overview article for those who wish to delve deeper into the subject Mirror neurons 30 years later- implications and applications. In particular, please note picture A on page 771 if you can’t bear to read the whole article. The illustration suggests how different animal species and humans seem to share mirror neurons in specific parts of the brain.

To round off this week’s writing, I have to admit that I got untagged (unfocused) when it snowed so much this week. However, the waffles with strawberries and blueberries have given me hope for summer!


Even though it was International Women’s Day yesterday, I had nothing to write about. The snowy weather took over completely and everything was directed at how to get through the day. I really love snow. That is wonderful. Today you can turn on the Christmas lights again. It is unusual in Stockholm with a lot of snow. The cars stress me out when I go by bike, but I go biking legally on my cycle lane. I can do nothing about the cars’ path blocked by the snow. The plow truck is coming soon.

About 25 years ago, when many things in life were still new, I remember saying that I would go home and clean and tidy up on International Women’s Day. My fellow students on the pharmacy program at the time agreed and thought it was good idea. Today I don’t know what to do. I mostly think that Valentine’s Day is better.

To play with the idea a little, one could ask how the world would look if more women were in leading political positions. Would there be more war? Difficult question to answer, but interesting nonetheless. The women I would like to highlight are Ursula von der Leyen and Angela Merkel. Merkel has secured Europe for many years, and nowadays Ursula von der Leyen is seen in various political contexts.

There was a dramatic change in the weather yesterday and I scrolled through my photos to illustrate my impressions of the day. I have respect for nature and it can definitely affect our everyday life. Here is an encounter that I will never forget, and by sharing this photo I am putting an end for today.

Strength, yoga and Swedish Hara-Kiri

A week has passed, and this is my headline for the current week. I am working on getting into better shape. Slowly. Previously, I have focused a lot on cardiac work-out. I somehow like to have my adrenaline going, and I still do. However, muscles help you to keep a good posture. Therefore, I have started to put on some more weight. Just a little to challenge my muscles. The lactic acid tickles the nerves in my muscles. Step by step, I am improving.

Yesterday, I went for some yoga. Very good since I really need some stretch. Some people say that it is important to stretch after work-out, and some people say it is not necessary. I prefer stretching but sometimes there is not enough time for stretching. Yoga is very difficult and tough. I like it very much since there is a position called the dog pose. And you know that I love dogs. I am very interested in breathing techniques such as using your nose properly when inhaling and exhaling. A balancing act between your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. However, I got very tired and realized that I need to focus more on stretching and yoga. Breathing does have an impact on how you feel and experience your body.

When I go for a workout I like the music as well. Lately, there has been a song that I couldn´t find. I liked the whistling very much. Couldn´t stop thinking about it. Surprisingly, I found it when watching the movie Top gun: Maverick, and of course, I share the song since you probably would like to know the tune.

Ending this week´s writing by saying that I feel sorry for the police who lost his life. From what I understand, he had no support and was alone with a lot of pressure. No matter what he did, human life is extinguished.

Chilly today

Today was such a cold day. Days are definitely getting brighter but it was so chilly. I was close to staying at home, but I went for my usual exercise. Beach 2023 is so far away. But at the same time so close. The little poem below is an essence from one of those beautiful days. I love the ocean since it represents freedom for me.

I started to search for a summer photo to get some energy from, but right now my life is a lot about having good food. Especially healthy food. Inflation is present, and in addition, I couldn’t find bell pepper in my usual grocery store. The shelves were empty, and it has never happened before. I did find Swedish apples which reminded me of summer. To think of the upcoming summer, I share a photo of fresh fruit. Fresh and tasty.

East, West and poetry

Yes, it is a balancing act between America and Asia. A Chinese spy balloon, crossing the USA, was recently shut down by the Americans. From what altitude, over the USA, is air no longer American? Almost a philosophical question. When is air considered international? In times like these, China should understand that Pentagon was going to react. Ballons crossed during the Trump era, but no war was going on at that time.

Right now, I am a little worried about Sweden´s weak reaction to the burning of the Koran. This could lead to terror attacks. There have been terror attacks in Stockholm, and I hope there is some kind of civilian and military disaster response. And all the shootings going on in Sweden where very young people are involved in serious crimes. The Swedish military has already started to cooperate with the Swedish police, but why not show this in practice? I would like to see something similar to French civilian defense.

It is Monday, and I couldn´t stop myself from writing about society, simply because we need more initiative in practice from politicians. Personally, I have been spending time on training. And also some swimming. To sum up the latest posts I would like to end this evening’s writing by sharing one of my favorite poems. Inspired by the ocean.

Stay safe 🐾