Walk with sweetie

There is nothing better than a walk with sweetie. This week has been a little up and down with regard to weather. However, the weather forecast predicts sunny weather this weekend, and also Monday, with up to 25°C. That is lovely and I feel happy about that. I did some jogging today, and after that my sweetie waited for her walk. We went to the church and put some flowers on my mother’s grave. It is like my sweetie understands that my mother is there. My mother liked that I do sports, so it feels good to continue with exercise and “tjejmilen” will be fun. Walk-run and Run-walk.

Soon tjejmilen

It is now less than two weeks to go til tjejmilen. I don’t know why, but I thought of Goldie Hawn and her military training movie. It was a long time ago I saw this film but it is quite entertaining. I do a lot of exercise and I have a rather strict program. What I should do is to think more of what I eat, but I treat myself with candy now and then. So, I share some inspiration for training.

Developing knowledge

Last summer I stayed my whole vacation in the countryside since I didn’t know how long my mother was going to stay with us. I made dinners for her and my family, and I remember that she enjoyed since she proposed a toast during dinner several times. That was fun. Since my mother is not my not my biological mother, her passing away is even more emotional for me. I know that she really has devoted her life to me and my brother, and that is why I have taken care of her these last year.

I would like to share some knowledge with you. Approximately a year ago I went to a lecture held by a Russian medical doctor from St Petersburg. Olga Zaytzeff has helped a lot of women to have a so called embryo adoption. That is when a woman cannot have babies on her own and another woman donate an embryo. I share this beautiful story of a woman having an adoption. Definitely worth reading, but it is in Swedish though.


I think it takes more time for me to mourn my mother than it usually does. Today I went for two hours exercise. Not running, but other kind of exercise. “Tjejmilen” is perfect now and it will be great fun. I hope the weather will be fine.

This year, my mother was already burried when I had my vacation. I went to Rome, and I really liked Italy. I made lasagna today after training, and it was a different lasagna since I made up my own recipe. I also made some blueberry muffins. There are blueberries now, and my sweetie loves to eat them in the forest. I share a photo from Spanish steps in Rome, and also some motivating music for “tjejmilen”. Two weeks to go!


Saturday, exercise and music

It has been a busy day, and I have devoted this day to take care of myself. Training takes time, and I know I do a lot of exercise, but that is one of my greatest hobbies. That makes me satisfied. And it also keeps me in shape. It is now only two weeks to go til “tjejmilen”, so I will go for exercise tomorrow as well. Music keeps my mind happy and I searched for some inspiration and found this one with Madonna.