Foreign policy

The Biden-Harris administration is up and going and that is good. They have already put a lot of focus on vaccination and on economical support to various companies. That makes the world more in balance. I must say that previous President Trump has achieved a lot, and that the election probably was affected by the Corona virus. However, I believe the climate will be considered and eg the Paris agreement will be signed. That is good for us living in Europe.

I stay in touch with my aunt in the USA and they are currently being offered vaccination. They feel a bit unsure which vaccine to chose though. I am not vaccinated since we still are waiting for delivery of vaccines to Sweden. A lorry filled with vaccine from the Netherlands will bring safety to us.

I am living the little life. Staying at home as much as possible. Washing my hands. It was very nice to see Lady & Molly this weekend. Running and walks. They made high five. It is very important to stay active.

Next time I will write some on D-vitamine and the immune system. Accumulating evidence is emerging that D-vitamine may play a role in strengthening the immune system. I need some time to reflect tough, so have patience!

Stay safe 🐾

Dog walks and ticks

A sunny weekend, and indeed a sporty weekend. I have muscle pain and should really do some stretching. This Corona year has been strange, but I have tried to continue with sports. Walking and cycling. I got a little tired of running and needed a break from it. This weekend Lady and Molly wanted to go for walks. And why not return to previous routines? I went running. And then walk in the forest with them. The ticks are present so they had to have the anti-tick medicine. I am happy and they are happy.

Stay safe 🐾

Eastern and Summertime

Ok, this writing seem to be up and going again. Great! Soon Eastern with its traditional celebration. Personally, I wish there will be sun so I can go for walks with Lady and Molly. It is very Corona virus intense right now, and it is very important to wash your hands and keep distance. Vaccination is ongoing and we are almost there. Only a few months to go. Found some comedy that I used to watch decades ago. Nice to revive memories. Here is “Allo’ allo'”.

Stay safe 🐾

Swedish kitchen

It feels like the third wave of COVID-19 is ongoing, and I stay at home in quarantine. Since it is Sathurday I did some cooking at home. It is a classical Swedish dish, but in a way very French. I have made this from scratch with fresh, raw ingredients. And having the right ingredients is very French. In high school we had something similar, not so tasty though. But this was very good and also a taste of summer. It takes some time to prepare, but worth doing. First time for me.

Stay safe 🐾