Shop til you drop or shop stop? 

What is the latest news? The upcoming black week will be dominated by shopping. A shop ‘til you drop theme’. In the whole world? I guess so. The USA has Black Friday, but what about for example Australia? How will inflation affect sales? Or vice versa? I have changed my shopping habits during the pandemic. You find everything online. A little boring perhaps.

Dear readers, you know that I love listening to music. And you also know that I studied last spring. Studying was a disaster for my usual exercise. I had no time for sports at all. After a few months of basic training this autumn, I have returned to a rather good energy level. Soon I will make a comeback for the step workout. Music and a mixture of dance with strengthening movements. My absolute favorite.

Sometimes I browse and search for new music. By chance, I found this nice tune by the British band “The Beloved” from 1993. Surprisingly, I found more music made by them that I like. Sharing this song “Sweet harmony”. Do you have anything to recommend?


Wartime and king cobra Sir Väs

I guess that, and also hope, that everybody knows that there is a war ongoing in Eastern Europe. Historically, Ukraine and Russia have had armed conflicts, and I am in particular referring to Russia´s annexation of Crimea in February 2014. This war has engaged other countries in the world, and it also affects us as individuals through inflation and energy crisis in our daily life. A few weeks serious sabotage was found on the North Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea which resulted in a huge release of the greenhouse gas methane. It reminds me of the Gulf war in the 1990s when Iraq invaded Kuwait.  I still remember the terrible sceneries on TV with all the burning oil wells set on fire by the Iraqi military. It also became an international conflict.  American president George H.W. Bush ordered Operation desert storm, and rapidly, Kuwait was liberated and humanitarian efforts could start.

Newspapers are coming with daily reports from Ukraine. Sometimes very detailed of what war crimes are ongoing. Is it good or not to report this in daily newspapers? We have learned names of weapons, that I never heard of. A few days ago I read about a king cobra that had escaped from its terrarium in Stockholm. A very poisonous snake. I am not so fond of snakes because I was bitten by a snake a midsummer when I was five years old. I had to stay at a hospital for a couple of days. The staff could not find the cobra that had escaped. I followed the news every day but they could not catch him. Where did he hide? Finally, Sir Väs returned by himself to his terrarium. I had a sigh of release.

I noticed that this event had a positive impact on me. It was good that the news focused on something different, even though I am not that fond of snakes. The media and newspapers do play huge roles in wartime, and I really wish that they are aware of this.

After Sir Väs returned to his terrarium, I got reminded of a memory 25 years ago when I strolled in a little town in France. I like to do that when I travel. No map and just stroll. I passed by a pet store and I noticed a little girl who had some kind of snake in her knee. What? I stopped and stared at her. I will never be able to do what she did. My camera documented this emotional moment. Last night, I searched for these photos and found them.


…is over and now a colder autumn, and later winter awaits. I know exactly what to expect since I have been lucky enough to experience a number of winters. Days are getting darker and it’s still cozy with some rain and falling leaves. I start lighting candles. A cup of tea. Maybe a movie. Preferably James Bond. Watched the latest quite recently and I am not disappointed. Bond is always Bond.
December arrives with all that it entails. A wonderful month that lights up the darkness. During January, the Christmas lights are slowly scaled down. Some people refuse to turn off the light and I understand them. February can have its bright occasions with sunshine and sparkling snow-covered fields. But the rest of February. Complete darkness.
In March you believe spring is around the corner. No no. It is perhaps the least good month of the year. Luckily, easter is approaching. I remember easter when I was little. Always traveled to the mountains and I got sunburned while skiing. The downhill was good, better than at Christmas because easter was warmer, and somehow it was easier to ski. I ventured onto the black slopes.
In April, you want to throw your gloves, but quickly, you realize that it won’t work. You have to endure chilly days for another few weeks. Finally comes the long-awaited spring with the following summer that you so longed for, and deserved.
There is a lot happening in the world right now. Britain has had a new Prime Minister in a short time. I heard on the news on the radio that apparently he is usually well-read before he makes a decision. Wondering then how previous prime ministers have done. He has connections to India, and who knows, maybe Sunak will be the new Obama.
With this written, I return to summertime, green lawns, and BBQ with this song by Will Smith.

Autumn and the four seasons

Autumn arrived so rapidly this year. Perhaps, depending on this extraordinary summer. Hunting is ongoing, and there are not so many moose where I grew up but more in other areas, I have heard. Always special to go for walks at this time of the year. The only animal Molly and I saw when walking, were squirrels crossing our way. They are so cute.

We have had an election in Sweden and there are ongoing negotiations. I hope they will be ready at least by the next election. Politics is complicated. Democracy is something we are taking for granted, but there are countries where people still work for living in a free world. You just need to turn on the news or read a newspaper and you will find out that we are living in a peaceful country. When I started to write here,  almost ten years ago, I thought very much about the freedom to write. Hackers have several times tried to interrupt this page. Fortunately, I have had IT support, and I continue to write.

It is a wonderful autumn day this weekend. By chance, I found this peaceful melody. Wishing you a happy Sunday.