Law and Ally Mcbeal

Another Corona day. With smile and energy. When I do exercise I get energy, and I was very happy about my max pulse rate that I measured this week. I need training to endure this, may I say, damn virus. I never say bad words. And if I happen to do that, people tell me that I shouldn’t say bad words because it doesn’t fit me. I am not the right person to do that, I have learnt. So dear reader, don’t get mad at me. I know I should keep my mouth shut.

Yes. Ally Mcbeal was popular when I studied at Uppsala. One of my best friends said that I looked lik her. And I laughed. Couldn´t understand what she meant. I have always liked law since it involves a lot of rethorics. You need to know how to argue for a standpoint. Moreover, you also need to have a lot of knowledge. I work as a pharmacist and you need to know much about laws. There are so many restrictions and various regulations at different levels.

A lot of medical doctors fight daily against the Corona. I have worked with some but then at a research level. Will write more about that next week. Anyway, found this Ally Mcbeal Barry White interpretation.

Tea or Coffee?

Every day is different. I try to notice cosy little things day-to-day. This morning was beautiful. Mist by the water. A little middle age feeling. Stockholm is a rather old town, and sometimes you can feel the wings of history. In particular in Old town. I go there sometimes when I want to escape. To go to a café and pretend that I am in Paris. With an espresso.

Coffee or tea. With milk or sugar? Or perhaps both. What kind of person are you? I wish we had more of afternoon tea tradition in Sweden. But at least we have fika (rast). However, both are good. I also saw a dog this morning resembling Molly. A Cocker looking a little like a Dachshund. Not the same colour though. I know she is safe.

Lately, I have remembered things like movies and songs that are good. Perhaps that is a way of cheering me up. To keep the spirit up while struggling with the Corona. This evening I share Ally Mcbeal. This scene makes me smile, and smiling is my best medicine against Corona right now. Cheers.

Every day is unique

Even though daily life is more or less the same, every day is unique and special. It is easy to live in the future. To make plans about how life should be, but the real challenge is right now. That is why I do a lot of exercise. I forget about everything and just enjoy. Corona is occupying my life a lot. I am more careful than people in general. You never know if you are vulnerable even though you are not in a risk group.

I have an early morning tomorrow. Will spend the rest of this evening reading about pulse zones. Preparing for the weekend! This song is maybe not spinning music, but it is a good song for warming up. Especially since I like French.

Axel Oxenstierna 🇸🇪 and Chinese medicine 🇨🇳

No travelling. Stay at home. I have travelled a lot by myself, but interestingly, I have been more alone when traveling with company. People are more open when they notice that you are by yourself. Recent years I have read a lot before travelling to a new country. I have put my historical knowledge in context with what I have read from travelling books and other. With some life experience you also learn about international emotions. How countries feel after being occupied by other countries. Or revolutions. New governments and constitutions. Like in Minsk in Belarus right now. The people in Belarus are frustrated and they want help from the EU🇪🇺 summit.

Axel Oxenstierna did a lot for Swedish Military in the 15th century. Much of this development is still in practice. He did some simple basic changes. I thought of him today since I have had some pain in my shoulders. I should have some anti-inflammatory medicin, but I will instead learn some about alternative medicine. Yes. Chinese medicine. To broaden my views.

I ended this day by measuring my maximum pulse rate. Since I like to measure and evaluate, this will be a good tool for me for future training in pulse zones. Quarantine is not forgotten. I like watching talk shows and here is Tom Hanks. Stay safe!


Viral group dynamic

Hi again. Sometimes I have things to write about, and some days are just empty pages. It is very interesting to note how group dynamics have changed due to the Corona virus. A little like I wrote yesterday. We want to stay close but cannot. No hugs. I could give sweetie and cutie hugs, and they liked it. And it was mutual.

I know I have associations that are rare, and when I thought about this viral group dynamic, I thought about “Lord of the flies” by William Golding. That is an old classic book from the 1950s. Themes include the tension between groupthink and individuality. Human nature is sometimes raw, and this book touches upon mortality and immortality. These subjects will always be interesting since we do not have any answers. And it is premature to give clear yes or no answers. Rather discussions instead.

I am lucky that I have this diary where I can keep writing, while not writing a book. Maybe you would like to know where I got the idea of this blog “Anna´s Diary”. I met Cecilia Wijnbladh and she said some very interesting and important things that I have thought of. It is very sad that she has passed away. But it feels good that she made me associate to this title “Anna´s Diary”. I have forgotten, but it deserves to be documented, and also, she is honoured. She was very educated with regard to military and literature. And she educated the Swedish military.

I suppose I have started to think of books since I am preparing myself a little on writing my next book. I know I will write more about Greten. But the theme? Individuality? She will just start high school. When I studied at high school we watched movies with no subtitles to learn English. Julia Roberts was very popular and we saw this film I remember. Maybe somebody reads this from that time. I don´t know. Anyway, here she has dinner.