Hackers and summer

I am in the countryside sometimes, and I know that there is interest in what I write. Thank you, loyal readers! Glad that you are interested. Things happen locally in Stockholm like in the countryside, so I share the latest news from here. Reading what is happening locally in Stockholm at Östermalm and Gärdet may be fun.

Summer is here and I have been a little stressed about all the hackers that are everywhere. My phone has been hacked. Facebook is hacked a little here and there. My former supervisor Professor Jörgen Engel was hacked and we helped each other to put things right. Technology is not always easy, but I am blessed there is IT support.

Now I long for summer.

We need a break from everyday life where everything is a little easier. No gloves, hats, and thick jackets. A slightly happier atmosphere and, above all, we will soon have midsummer to celebrate and look forward to. I was in the countryside very recently, and Molly and I ended up in a photo.

Molly and I wish everyone a nice summer. A very much-needed recovery from hackers and other things.


Stay safe 🐾

To vote

Voting is important for democracy. No matter what party. I do not know why, but last Sunday I actually thought of that there has been a time when women were not allowed to vote. Difficult to even imagine. I miss Angela Merkel in European politics. It was when she disappeared everything started with Russian aggression. We need women in politics to balance the man power in the world. She has qualities that are rare to find today. Something extra is required to be able to destabilize pro-Russian groups.

However, I am so happy about my voyage to France. I walked some every morning since I am preparing for jogging. Tomorrow I will go jogging, heading at 5 kilometers since it was such a long time ago. Indeed, I do go bicycling but it cannot be compared to jogging.

Stay safe 🐾

European Parliament

We mustn’t forget to vote this weekend. I was especially reminded of this because I received a reminder from the WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature). Animals are not politics, I thought. Do not get the animals involved in politics was my immediate reaction. After a closer reflection and at a calmer stage, it is after all, the case that European politics affects our animals and nature.

I hope and believe that the farmers have easier to harvest. In addition, is also more convenient to travel within the EU. A few decades ago, there was a lot of talk about the Euro. I would like to vote no. To vote yes, I need very strong arguments. The UK still has its currency and it seems to be working for them. Norway also says no. On the other hand, without much knowledge, perhaps the Euro would facilitate Swedish trade because the Swedish krona is not internationally known, unlike the British pound.

I remember before the Swedish entry into the European Parliament, there was a lot of discussion about how the EU would regulate our everyday life. However, with the parliament’s subsidiarity principle, the size of cucumbers would not be regulated at EU level, it was said. We would also be allowed to keep the snuff. Where are we today some 30 years after European membership?

Well, some thoughts about Europe. However, the basic idea is to preserve peace and stability. This has thankfully been strengthened with our Swedish entry into NATO. Imagine that Sweden could actually have been Ukraine to get a realistic picture of the political security situation today.

Stay safe 🐾