(Fe)male perspectiv of preserving fertility – from an economical social point of view

I am now in my room where I grew up. Yes, I have read many evenings here. I remember my cousin saw light in my window when she walked the dogs at night.

My lecture is divided into two parts:

A. Social aspect of womans biological role

B. Health economical aspect

My life is in the hands of biology. I have tried to make the best I can out of my life. I have tried to live my life as ethical as possible. Since I am in a fertile age, I cannot help stop thinking about fertility. It would be interesting to know how fertility teaching is in school. I really hope that men learn that women have a biological clock. This is natures decision.

Unfortunately, since men don’t have the same pressure as women, men should somehow learn how it feels to have this biological pressure. A big task for school is to learn pupils to respect nature. Men must learn to take care of their women. Fortunatley, this don´t apply for everybody 😉

Personally, I feel a lot of pressure. It sometimes is so overwhelming so I just quit thinking of having a familiy. Dog is still mankinds best friend. It is somehow, a way to protect myself of going under. Since I always have had dogs, I know that I can always count on them. And they love walks!

How can we make men understand that women suffer a lot of the knowledge of the biological clock? And that love is a keyword.

Preserving fertility like I have done is definetly not a guarantee.

You can give nature a helping hand with a careful and sensitive tone. In that way there is a responsible development of cuiriosity.

Yes, this is a candle light lecture. A room in shadow with ideas waiting to be tested and challenged. I love the way the candles follow the slow wind.

Let’s continue.

Since I have a human platform, I consider womans social situation first. I have many sisters that I know have the same thoughts as I do. So sisters should help each other. Collaborate.


Second part.

The second aspect is from a so called “wealth of nations” aspect.

When a drug is developed in a pharmaceutical company it is not just to make a new drug. One important aspect is to see if you (frankly) can make any money. There has to be a market.

The same rules apply to an egg bank. Yes. It is an egg bank. And I do not find it unethical to have an egg bank. An egg bank makes it easier for an industry to get the most out of their employees. And maybe, most importantly, it generates a lot of money for society in general. I have read and listened to some research that support this view. We need new tax payers 😉

This is all for now. See you soon!

Je t’embrasse,




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