A new mind set

It would be interesting to measure my MAO levels. I would guess that I have low levels since I have always liked exploring new areas. I like to fly. Last time I traveled was to Dubai, and when I was in Abu Dhabi I saw Ferrari World. An exotic mix of religion and cars, and a contrast to what I am used to see. That journey gave me a lot of inspiration to write. After my mothers passing away I now need a new mind set. I need to do something different, and to find inspiration to write more about Greten and her growing up.

Netanyahu & Israel

It is Monday and I still have some time to go before vacation. I miss to read interesting history and politics. It was a long time ago I read about Israel which is a very interesting country with regard to politics, religion – and also the fact that women are included in military training. I know that because my penpale in high school was from Israel. She wrote that she had to go to military training for two years and that it was mandatory. I could not understand that.

From what I interpret, there will be parliamental elections in Israel for Knesset in September. Benjamin Netanyahu has a challenge with bribes, corruption and also with various regulations within law at a more or less governmental level.

It is now soon three months ago since my mother passed away. It takes time to mourn, and I have thought a lot about her. There are of course different ways of viewing life after death, but religion may play a role. At least it helps to have traditions and ceremonies to remember and move on in life. I touch upon this subject in my book “Generations”. This summer I will learn more about Christianity.

Summertime and vacations

I have had a calm and relaxing Sunday – definitely needed sometimes. Yesterday I did some training and I have learnt my body rather well. To know how many percentages I can perform every time I exercise. This time 80%. Mostly because the program was changed and I didn’t know the movements.

There is always a lack of time, and that is the reason why I sometimes exercise online at home. That is ok, but currently I am working on my very own training that will be approximately 25-30 minutes. I will focus on stretch and core training. Core muscles are very important because that gives your body a good posture. In addition, I find it inspiring to search for nice clothing when I go training. That must be a woman’s thing. But it is true, nice colors gives motivation and make you happy.

Right now it is rather late. Since it is summertime there are not much on the news. Summertime is beautiful. Life slows down. I am happy about my music machine. It takes time to learn, and I spend a few hours every evening practicing. I searched for a movie with Madonna and Justin Timberlake since I know they have made good music. I found this instead: “Don´t tell me”.

Please enjoy 🎵🎵🎵🎵.

Friday evening

My American blueberry muffins that I made last night were no good so I had to make new ones this evening. Instead of candy I make my own goodies. It is also very relaxing and a nice hobby. I almost never fail in the kitchen, but this time I did. Music is a great part of my life and I spend a lot of time listening to music also when I am in the kitchen. Yesterday you listened to Justin Timberlake. I learnt that song when I was in Vietnam, a New Years eve a few years ago. I was on a boat in the northern Vietnam Archipelago. It was very international, people from all over the world. The athmosphere was nice and everybody talked to each other. The most popular song that evening was “can’t stop the feeling”.

I am preparing for tomorrow since I will go for work out. To eat well and have a good night sleep is important. This evening I share some music made by Duffy. She has a beautiful voice and she likes to perform. Her songs are sometimes a little sad, but she has something to say when she sings. She also likes to dance.

Independence day 🇺🇸

Today is 4th of July, a federal holiday in the USA. I like this day and annually I think of America. This evening I made hamburgers and also some American blueberry muffins. I make muffins rather often because it is so easy to make. And they are healthy since you know what is in them such as fresh berries.

America is a symbol for freedom for me. Perhaps that is why I fancy the USA. There is also a lot of good music from the USA. This evening I listened to some American inspired R’n’B while making hamburgers. That made me on a good mood. It is rather cold and rainy in Stockholm right now, and it should be sunshine at this time of the year. Lately, I have shared quite a lot of music, and that is because I have had troubles with my music machine. Now when it works again I listen to a lot of music. On this 4th of July I share Justin Timberlake. Sunshine is needed so this song is perfect on this rainy day.