Eastern and Summertime

Ok, this writing seem to be up and going again. Great! Soon Eastern with its traditional celebration. Personally, I wish there will be sun so I can go for walks with Lady and Molly. It is very Corona virus intense right now, and it is very important to wash your hands and keep distance. Vaccination is ongoing and we are almost there. Only a few months to go. Found some comedy that I used to watch decades ago. Nice to revive memories. Here is “Allo’ allo'”.

Stay safe 🐾

Swedish kitchen

It feels like the third wave of COVID-19 is ongoing, and I stay at home in quarantine. Since it is Sathurday I did some cooking at home. It is a classical Swedish dish, but in a way very French. I have made this from scratch with fresh, raw ingredients. And having the right ingredients is very French. In high school we had something similar, not so tasty though. But this was very good and also a taste of summer. It takes some time to prepare, but worth doing. First time for me.

Stay safe 🐾

Almost and The Pink Panther

Tusse won! What? The song contest of course. Best wishes for Eurovision final in May. Yes, it is nice to have something else to think of than the Corona virus and mutations. This florist I had a chat with the other day made me think of months before the pandemic was a fact. This is almost forgotten, but can you imaginge – there were bombs! People were sleeping and at night time terrorist groups bombed in Stockholm and in other parts of Sweden. Like to prepare that something bad was going to happen. The florist was in a way right talking about the pandemic as wartime.

As usual, to cope with the surrealistic daily life, like bombs, I thought of Peter Sellers and The Pink Panther. Found this nice peace from decades ago.

Stay safe 🐾

Domestic policy and Eurovision

It is more time consuming to write in Swedish as well, but I hope you like this change! I do not use google translate. Day by day we are getting closer to – what should I say – liberty? A few days ago I bought some flowers to remind myself of spring and summer. Good to look forward. The florist actually talked like it is an ongoing war. Corona restrictions with limited number of customers etc. Being a political refugee must be terrible. I have been lucky and never lived in a war. Only news on tv.

Life is on hold and it is important to stay in a stable social bubble. A lot of people follow the Eurovision song contest. Good to have a rest from the virus and vaccines. I used to watch when Carola and Herreys competed, and I was a true supporter. Since I have friends who like watching Eurovision, I share Herreys.

By the way, any one who knows what has happened to Annie Löf? Has she become a maverick? She should talk to the former party leader Maud Olofsson for advice. Interesting to follow the domestic political development.

Stay safe 🐾

It ain´t over until the fat lady sings

To stay at home during this pandemic is the very best you can do. It is boring so you have to do the very best you can to stay in a good mood. Vaccination is ongoing but it is very time consuming. Perhaps we do not have enough vaccine yet in Sweden?

Cooking has been my main interest during the pandemic. To find new inspiring recepies. I have so many cookbooks, but today you mostly use the internet. I always forget the degrees for cooking meet and fish etc in the oven, then the internet is perfect to rely on.

Anyway, I have gained a couple of pandemic kilos that I have to do something about. Muscles perhaps. Spring time makes it easier. It is warmer and I can have my sallad again. Winter time I prefer hot food, but a fresh sallad is my favorite. On top of my ordinary exercise of course.

To keep going you have to focus on the positive things in life. I prefer the Muppet show with the Swedish chef instead of mutations that I mentionend the other day.

Stay safe 🐾