Inspiring London

It was really cold when I left Sweden. However, there is hope. My sunglasses were left at home, and I did bring my umbrella. I should start looking brighter on life. Why didn´t I bring my sunglasses?

I am not interested in crime writing even though I love movies such as James Bond. I went to a café in Bloomsbury to gather some energy after arrival. Found a nice coffee table surrounded by bookshelves. A scary-looking man was having a cup of coffee. I turned around and found a table by the window instead. As you see above, I had a photo shot and a Cortado coffee. A few minutes later, the man approached me, and asked “Are you, Jane?”. No, I said. “Sorry for bothering you,” he said. In this time of the Ukraine–Russia war, I felt uncomfortable. A few minutes later, I quickly went to the British Museum.

I had a lovely asparagus-spring salad lunch at the museum, and I bought a new notebook. Pages waiting to be filled with writing. I have had time to reflect on my previous work. Love and war. Where everything is allowed.

I strongly believe that some diseases, such as breast cancer or Alzheimer´s disease, have a genetic common denominator. You are born with a genetic sensitivity, and a disease may develop if environmental circumstances combine with genetic sensitivity. Environmental interplay with genetics: nature communications. State and/or trate? My mum suffered from Alzheimer´s disease, and it felt good to have a selfie next to the Egyptian Mummies at the British Museum.

Stay safe 🐾

New inspiration

I needed to return to where my writing started. A friend of mine moved to the UK in 2004. I visited her several times and I liked to stay in the UK. To find new inspiration, I went to the British Museum on Russell Street today. When I have traveled to various countries and been on guided tours, I have often heard that you can find out more at the British Museum in the UK.

There was a lot to see. I felt happy that I didn´t need to start from the beginning since I know quite a lot of history. Ancient Greece and Egypt for example. Or life after Napoleon.

A lot has happened during 2000 years. A few generations later.

Summertime with waffles

We lost an hour today and it felt like traveling from the USA to Europe. I hope summer- and wintertime will unite to a European Greenwich time (GMT+1). I celebrated summer by making waffles with cream and blueberries. I always have some berries in my freezer, and today I was out of strawberries and raspberries. My blueberry waffles were perfect, almost like starting the day with a bacon & cheese omelet. I mean, it was not a healthy breakfast, but once in a while, it is a nice way of starting a Sunday.

Currently, I am reading a lot about cardiac health. My heart is my focus of interest. I love to measure my pulse and see how exercise affects my heart. I know what to eat to have a healthy heart. This weekend was an exception. Usually, I have grains with blueberries or raspberries. The heart is such a global symbol of peace and love.

I will soon go to the United Kingdom where my last book began. A smooth transition to my third book.





International relations

Today, I will see people from Uppsala University where I studied pharmacy. A lot has happened since then. I was actively working at the Student organization, and I was particularly interested in international relations. Something that I grew up with and still am very interested in. That is actually why I started this blog. I have met many people throughout life and this is a way of staying in touch.

When I was on vacation, I finally had time to polish my nails. The business owner had a daughter who also is a pharmacist. Unfortunately, I got a headache when I visited USVI. I asked for the closest pharmacy and was recommended a shop 300 meters away. It was a very little grocery store. The man over the counter didn´t know any pharmacy. After a while, we found out that Paracetamol is the same as Acetaminophen. Two tablets (à 500 mg) in a sachet was 1$ (USD). My headache disappeared, and it was a new experience of getting medicine over the counter.

At Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (USVI), I saw two planes from the American Air Force. A few days later after my return to Sweden, we became members of NATO. Two American planes from the American Airforce flew over Uppsala where I used to study. Life has changed in Sweden. We are a little bit safer, and together with other countries, we are working for peace and stability in the world.

Stay tuned and stay safe 🐾