Covid-19 reminders

The Corona virus is present and we have to be careful. It is very important not to relax. Social distancing is critical because the coronavirus spreads when an infected person coughs small droplets – packed with the virus – into the air.

What is a ‘reasonable excuse’ to go out?

  • Exercise – alone, or with members of your household
  • Shopping for basic necessities
  • Any medical need, or providing care for a vulnerable person
  • Travel to or from work, but only when you cannot work from home

(BBC News)

Grocery shopping

When grocery shopping, keep at least 1-metre distance from others and avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose. If possible, sanitize the handles of shopping trolleys or baskets before shopping. Once home, wash your hands thoroughly and also after handling and storing your purchased products. There is currently no confirmed case of COVID-19 transmitted through food or food packaging.


These are just reminders. To stay in good spirit I exercise by walking and sometimes run. Social distancing is terrible but necessary.

Summer plans

I will stay at home this summer. There is an expression in Swedish “gilla läget”, and that is exactly what I am doing. Sometimes, life cannot be planned. “Gilla läget” can more or less be translated to acceptance of here and now. There is not much you can do about Covid-19. Only a vaccin could change, but that takes time.

Last summer I was in Rome. I have an Italian penpal, and she sent me some suggestions of Italian music. She likes dogs as well and has Jack Russell terriers. I think most of us have now learnt to live with the virus, and we need some cheering up. I do not understand Italian, but this is a nice song. A song that everybody understands even thought you don’t understand the language. Language of music is universal.

Peace of Westphalia

First of May is a globally celebrated day but cancelled today. Yesterday, Valborg, was also cancelled. It will take time til Covid-19 is eradicated, and it seems like most of us have accepted the virus. The political consequences are marked, and commerce has definitely been disrupted. Similar to the plague époques when the house of Habsburgs reigned and the Huguenot rebellions fought for their territory.

It is rainy and I am lazy. I miss sweetie and cutie. If I had been in the countryside I had already been running and walking.

Valborg 🇸🇪 and Sankthans 🇳🇴

I got the question today why we celebrate Valborg. “It must be something religious”, I said without thinking, “but I don’t know what”. I explained what Valborg and May means to me. It is a celebration to spring and arriving summer. Winter has passed and a lot of twigs and leaves need to be taken care of by having a fire in the evening of the 30th of April. Every year. With a lot of choir music by the fire. I liked those evenings and I remember that the dogs got very scared when the evening ended with fireworks. When I lived in Norway Sankthans was similar to our Valborg. But that was at midsummer. Different countries and different traditions.

Covid-19 is getting closer. A lot of people are affected. My true heroes these times are those working in food stores. Helping me to put food on the table. I read that the Corona virus outbreak emerged from a food market in Wuhan in China 🇨🇳. If this is true or fake news, I don’t know. One thing that is true is that the Corona virus is putting weight on us since we do not exercise as usually. I got muscle pain from my last run, and tomorrow will be a challenge. Eight kilometers to go. “Tjejmilen” in August.


Writing has for many years been my interest when not working. It is part of my daily life. Something I cannot live without. If I don’t write, I think of writing. A few days ago Sweden lost a very skilled author namely PO Enquist. He is a great loss within literature and drama.

Time is precious. I would like to have more time so I could read more. Not only write. Currently, life is very much focused on Covid-19, and it has to be since the virus is dangerous. To not relax. Continue to pay attention. And encourage people surrounding you with a “Bravo” so you can cope more easily with the virus on a convenient distance.

I am now about to learn more about Italian music and I will in time share some. Take care.

Diplomatic, viral, immunity?

We have now lived with the virus for several weeks, and there is nothing else but to accept its presence. Of course it is irritating, frustrating and in a sense also torturing. Human beings want to stay together. I think that is why a lot of people talk about “herd immunity” (flock/grupp immunitet). We feel safer if we are a group. The comfort zone. At least – I will not die alone.


Approximately 60-70% of the population understands that the virus is dangerous and deadly. The other 30-40% do not care about social distancing etc and put other fellow beings in danger on purpose. To stay at home is the safest thing you can do right now.

I have been walking to not loose to much fitness. I do some training at home, and today I started to run again. I must admit that it was tough to put my running shoes on, because I knew that it would not be as easy as usually. No sunshine, but no rain either. Little windy. I have my watch and it is a good company when running. Eight kilometers. No stop. Very slowly. But I am up and running again.

My sweetie keeps me on social distancing. I miss walking and playing with my dogs after running. On Instagram, I share what it usually looks like after running summer time.

Do not relax

Finally, it is warmer and brighter, but you cannot relax. You still have to pay attention to the fact that the Corona virus is still active and not under control. 2 meter distance. Stay at home. Wash your hands.

I have been very careful, but now I am returning to my normal exercise routines. My running shoes are waiting for me. Tomorrow I am on training again.