A few days of holiday. It is Christmas, and it is peace and quiet for a while. We have returned to epidemiological safety requirements. But that is fine, I think. I am with Lady & Molly for a short time, and tomorrow, early, I will listen to some Christmas music. I am sharing some below for those of you who are not awake. I think I will be awake, but it probably will be difficult to keep my eyes open during this 2000-year-old tradition. Later tomorrow, for sure, I will go for a long walk with Lady & Molly.

It is very important to have traditions, especially these times we need some cheering up. I have started again with some photography. And I know, I should have some lessons. There have been Christmas trees all over Stockholm, and above is a glimpse from one of those places.

Merry Christmas and Stay Safe 🐾

How to not lose a mitten

In a week we have Christmas Eve and I will see Lady & Molly. I am synchronized with Christmas this year. My daily life mostly consists of little things like “how to not to lose a mitten”. Today I had a little chat, by coincidence, with a woman who just had lost her mitten. We were on the subway and she suddenly realized that she had lost one of her favorite mitten. “Oh, no, I said”. That happens to me as well I comforted her. And it is always your favorite mitten you lose, I continued. So, what to do? If I were you, I said, I would rapidly change subways and return to the place where you think you dropped it. You might have a chance of fining it. “Well”, she said. There is always a problem. If you lose an ordinary mitten, people help you and put it in a safe place. If it is a more expensive one, nobody cares. She decided to return. We wished each other Happy Christmas, and of course, I wished her good luck with the lost mitten!

This was a very nice chat about nothing, but at the same time, a very important issue. After that, I kept an extra eye on my own mittens. Nordic daily life these days. Ending by sharing this lovely winter photo.

Stay safe 🐾

Is biology politics?

A new variant of SARS-CoV-2 has occurred. The B.1.1.529 variant of concern was assigned Omicron. Personally, I felt a bit relaxed after the second dose of the vaccine. I just wanted to forget about the pandemic. Like everybody else I guess. But there is no doubt that there has been an increase again in the reports of people falling ill in COVID-19. At the same time, there is an increase of other viruses that naturally occur at this time of the year. I am happy that you easily can go for rapid COVID-19 antigen tests. They are not 100% sure, but at least they have contributed to some kind of screening in society. They should be distributed for free in some way. But of course, there is always a second-hand market.

Biology definitely meets politics. I found this in the Guardian saying that travelers from Great Britain to Ireland must take COVID tests:

In Sweden, we have finally been recommended to wear medical facemasks in public transportations such as the underground. We still live with COVID-19. For how long, we don´t know. The pandemic is not over with. I continue with my usual exercise that I am happy with. It keeps my energy up.

Stay safe 🐾

Spiced Christmas wine, dogs and snow

It is chilly. And I like it. Then you really have a reason for having mulled wine or hot chocolate. The days are unfortunately shorter, but today was such a beautiful day. Sunshine, snow and that special feeling when it is so cold. There is no choice. You must wear a hat of some kind.

It was such a long time ago I saw Lady & Molly so I saw them today. A very short walk. Molly loves the snow and she runs a lot. Lady prefers to stay indoors. We had deer for lunch and I am sharing our winter walk.

Stay safe 🐾