Addicted to Writing & Leisure

When I left Henry E. Rohlsen Airport in the USA I saw two military planes. That made me go back to attention again. The Ukraine-Russia war is ongoing. To stay alert is important. I always get the impression that life is easygoing in the USA. Perhaps just because I have always been on holiday when being there.  I have started with exercise again. Lifting weights makes me stronger. When I travelled, I could easily carry my luggage which also made me think of body-pump workout.

It is always good to change the way of living sometimes. I have safely returned to Stockholm. Yesterday, I went to see Molly since it was so fun to meet JJ. I believe JJ must be some kind of a dachshund. Just like Molly but with shorter legs. The train I usually catch to the countryside passes by the airport Arlanda. Yesterday there was some kind of fire on the railroad. I had to wait for hours. No buses. I just had to wait. Returning to the countryside made me return very fast to my habits and daily life.

I must admit that I would rather stay on the sofa than go for exercise this weekend. However, I know the music makes me in a good mood. I picked up the tune above at one of the airports, and I could not get it out of my mind. A real feel-good song.

Stay safe 🐾


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. It is impressive that a machine can process such an amount of information and create something from it. We are overflowed with information. Concerning myself, I like to stay connected. Anyway, Americans seem to like AI and they do not seem afraid. I am very happy because I have had access to a real newspaper every morning. This morning a reader asked about AI, and how to use it to detect cancers at early stages (see below).

Americans are not afraid. They are not hampering the impact of AI. In Europe, we are still hesitating. We are watching and if there is a problem we will stop it immediately. Federal regulations are to come.

I find AI very interesting and it will help mankind if used appropriately. A slow and safe progress. I am writing this text, but I get help if something is misspelled.

As usual, I meet dogs when I travel. I was very glad to meet JJ. He is from Puerto Rico and looks very much like Molly. Shorter paws though. JJ loves to play with coconuts and sometimes that is his nickname. I share some photos of us above.

Have a nice one!