Friday evening. I am staying at home tonight, relaxing and watching tv. I don´t know how many people read this, but I will continue to write in English. I trust my gut feeling more than statistics right now.

I have needed time to leave my book for a while. Since I have been out of ideas for a while that has made me think of where I get my ideas from. I know I need to do various things for being stimulated and motivated. So maybe, going to Paris or London would be nice. Or maybe something completely different for finding a new environment for my next book. Since I like my characters so much I will continue to write about them. Stories about life.

I have had some time to reflect these last two weeks. I have thought of my life. And of course I feel sad sometimes, but I have learnt how to deal with it. Life. How to cope with life. Meeting tragedies and how to find strength. The beauty of life. The school of life.

Halloween this weekend. I like pumpkins. However, I have forgotten completely to buy pumpkins and something to put on my door. Ok, all for tonight.

Bon weekend,


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