Monthly Archives: August 2020


It was nice to see Molly and Lady this weekend. Mini walks. Times are different now due to the Corona virus. We are preparing for the coming viral autumn. I searched for flowers but there is not much left. Still green though. Found some apples and I will make a pie sometime this week. Read some cartoons as I usually do and found this. Dogs like photos!


I have shared music. It is well known that music affects our brains, and not the least our mood. It has been demonstrated by eg functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) that musicians have altered activity in various brain regions connected to their playing and/or when composing music etc. For an introduction please see for example: fMRI (nature)-comprimised

Music can put us into different moods. It helps me with exercise for example. I perform the little extra. This weekend is dog walking. No music. I need to pay attention to every move Lady and Molly make. I brought my camera and was going to find flowers, but I have to realise that the autumn is here. Fields are being harvested. As usual, I browsed the internet to find music. This is a nice interview where Madonna talks Lady Gaga and other dog names.

Dog walking

Being with dogs means early mornings. Today it was good I woke up early because it is raining right now. We could enjoy some sun before it started to rain. Therefore, I take the opportunity to write. Sweetie has a little pain in her paw so only short walks. Molly is very active. She has soon been with Lady for a year. I do not dare to walk with Molly on the road since she might learn to go there when she by accident runs out of the house. That happens sometimes, but not very often. However, it is very good that Molly likes to stay in the garden where she runs.

This is a dog weekend. A lazy dog weekend. Because it is holiday. Hemester.

USA President election 2020 🇺🇸

First Lady Melania Trump has given an introductory convention speech in the USA for the upcoming American election. Previous First Lady Michelle Obama has already given her speech where she criticised sitting president Donald Trump. Things are heating up. Good that Ladies are active! No catfights though. Four years have past and we have a new election ahead in a few months. I don’t know why, I usually do something on the 4th of July, but not this year. The Corona virus has been dominating. Since I have holiday I should at least go to a BBQ restaurant. I will have BBQ with sweetie and cutie instead. They just love BBQs.

I have been on training today and I will rest this weekend. Only dog walks. It takes time to take care of yourself. I make my minibars. I have fresh fruit and I also make my own lunch. Sometimes I am lazy and have a take away. Ok. Friday is here. I am sharing an inspiring song. It could be a campaign song for, I don’t know, left or right wing. Anyway, it is a song for America!